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Updates, Contests & a New Blog

Wow - it's been a while since I've posted! Summer's in full swing & we've been soaking up the outdoors and getting a ton of things done around the old casa....and the "life exfoliation" is still in full swing over here as we continue to clear out closets & clutter. I've found a whole bunch of things to donate & some things to sell so making a bit of extra cash has been nice too!

One of the changes I've really noticed about myself since becoming a mom is how much I'm striving for simplicity & really practicing "less is more." Really trying to focus on what matters.
I used to be such a consumer - living in such a fast paced bubble and had this more, more, more mentality. Clearing out my closets has made me realize just how much I used to live for the feeling of excitement that new outfit or lipgloss might bring or the feeling of never being able to put in enough time at work to reach success. Seriously - step away from your closets if you're not quite ready to face some stuff! I'm just so stupidly thankful to be in the place I am now.

And of course our little darling is about to turn ONE!!! Like, whoa!! She is just so great and full of life - it really does just keep getting better & better! Birthday planning is coming along for next weekend and I can't wait to show you pictures of her big day! (note to self to post 11 month update before 12 month hits)

So I have a big favour to ask of you: Chloe & I have entered a contest sponsored by Vega and we've love it if you'd click HERE to vote for our picture! Just by voting - you are also entered into the contest and you can go back every day to vote (has to 24 hrs in between). There are tons of prizes to be won! Here's the picture we submitted:

....and a few of the out takes:

I was just recently introduced to Vega products & I lurve them! If you happen to already be a fan of them & their creator, Brendan Brazier, then you might be interested in listening in on a webinar interview with him on June 15th at 5pm. You can register for free HERE.

And lastly - I am in the works of creating a Health focused blog aptly named "Health & Swell being"
You like? I'll tell you more about this new blog in an upcoming post but I can promise it will be full of inspiration for your busy life!

Since I began blogging about my journey through pregnancy & motherhood, my strive to live life in a healthy way, has come through in many of my posts. I plan to do the majority of my posting through this new blog and I'm planning on taking Swell Little Life to a private blog for family & friends. I would love for you to continue following on the new blog, which is still very much under construction but will be up soon. And I know many of you are amazing moms who maybe just stop by to catch up on Chloe's little life - so if you're interested in remaining a reader of Swell Little Life, please send me an email at angepeets@gmail.com & I'll add you once I take it to private status.

Sorry for the super long post - hope you all have a great weekend. I leave you with this little nugget:

"Don't worry about what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive." ~ Howard Thurman
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