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Weekly Eats & Bday Planning

This week is gonna be a beauty but very busy! Along with Chloe's birthday party this weekend and all the planning that goes with that, I've got lots of items to ship out that I sold on Ebay & Kijiji, as well as some studying for my Personal Training exam.

I keep telling everyone that I really want to keep Chloe's birthday very simple this year - just with family & a few close friends. But in typical me fashion, I have been swept away to the land of "it's all about the details" land. How do I not know myself better by now? Here are the many projects I have decided to take on this week as we prep for our little girl's big day:

~Create HB Banner using Fabric scraps
because this one doesn't fit anymore :)
use bedazzling skills to make #1 Tank like this:
Monthly Picture Cutouts:
As far as gifts go - we've gotten her a few musical toys because she's quite the little Beethoven. Something that's been on my list has been to canvas paint this quote to put in her room - because I just think it's so darn sweet:

And then of course there's the house sprucing and the meal planning but that will take care of itself sometime between midnight & 6am the night before.

In trying to keep everything else simple for this week - here's what on our menu with some links to the recipes if you're interested in trying them out.

F: Homemade Pizza Dough (DIY style)

And if you haven't already - please sign up to follow the new blog I have in the works: Health & Swell Being. For some instant gratification while it's still being built - check out this great article on how to incorporate more health into your day

Hope you all have a great week!
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