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Eats for a Busy Week

It's official. The sun has taken this game of Hide n Seek a little too far. We spent alot of this weekend outdoors and the weather got really chilly, really fast and now I'm not feeling 100%.
All I really want to do today is curl up in bed with a big pot of coffee and lots of sweets, but I'm flexing my willpower and trying to stick to Ginger tea & green monster smoothies.

Actually, this morning I shared Green Monsters with 50 children as I had the pleasure of teaching them about the benefits of Eating Healthy - I'll share more about that another day, but I was really impressed by their knowledge & interest in  nutrition. I have to admit that I already worry about what type of reaction Chloe will have when she sees a twinkie for the first time at school, but this gave me hope!

This week is busy boy. I'm working the Lululemon Warehouse sale in Hamilton from Wed - Sunday and we have plans almost every night this week. So I'm keeping the menu pretty simple with things that will carry over to lunch the next day.
Veggie Spring Rolls w/ Peanut Sauce
~ Tofu & Green Bean Red Curry
~ Chickpea Spinach Soup
~ Asian Tofu Linguini Salad
~ Green Goddess Pasta
~ Choco Cherry Walnut Cookies for girls' night

So...anyone going to the sale? It's always a crazy busy event. I was  so surprised when I was in Florida last year and popped into the new Lulu that had just opened and found it to be completely empty. They had sale racks all the time because nobody really knew what it was there.

And help a girl out...what are your magic tricks when that cold starts to creep on? I try to stick to a lot of lemon water, tea, fresh salads & soups.

To your Swellbeing,
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