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Happy Coffee Day & Sun Warrior Protein Promo!

Did you know today is National Coffee Day? Coffee & I go way back and I'm happy to raise my mug to it today. I think most of my fondest memories growing up were made with the aroma of coffee brewing in the house. And today, it is still the best part of my morning routine. I think every good to do list starts off with putting a pot on.
If I've learned anything in the oodles of years I've spent working in the coffee industry, it's that there are 4 key things to a great pot:
  • Grind: always buy your coffee in bean form and grind fresh before brewing
  • Proportion: 2 tbsp of ground coffee per cup
  • Water: coffee is 98% H2O so use filtered
  • Freshness: store your beans in an airtight container at room temp. Freeze only in bean form to extend freshness (never put coffee in the fridge)

My coffee romance doesn't end there though. Just look at all the health benefits of having 1-2 cups per day:
  • Very high in antioxidants...4 times the amount in green tea. Decaf coffee has the same amount of Antioxidants but be sure to buy Swiss Water Process Decaf. Black coffee is best - added milk/cream disrupts the Antioxidant absorption
  • Lowers risk of Stroke, Cancer, Parkinson's,  Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia & Diabetes.
  • Enhances athletic performance & increases endurance
In other exciting beverage news, here is a link to a 1 day promo for $12 off Sun Warrior Protein Powder (2.2 lb bag for $35!!). 

This protein is known for its high quality & digestability. It rarely goes on sale so you should take advantage of this offer if you've been wanting to try it!
To your Swellbeing,

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