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Labouring in the Kitch

Happy Holiday! Before you do anything "labourous" today, please take a moment and read this great article on the importance of doing nothing. Sounds like a great way to celebrate today - and I for one will be doing this after a long couple of days with my little sweetheart having the flu. If I was to do anything today it will involve lots of time in the kitch and looking for ways to relieve the ringing in my ears.....

So here's our menu for the week. The biggest hit last week was the homemade Veggie Bacon. We crumbled it onto our pizzas Friday night and it was pretty rockin!

~ Eggplant Parm w/ Angel Hair
* Check out Org Junkie for a list of other bloggers that post meal plans & recipes

I'm loving the fall weather right now and looking forward to filling the house with eau de chili! 
But for now, I need to get a workout in before all this food starts making me go for a second brekkie.

To your swellbeing,
"If it came from a plant - eat it. If it was made in a plant - don't" ~Michael Pollan
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