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Things to Swell on this Weekend

The weekend is here and I've got some great links for you to check out with a big mug of Rooibos tea in hand.

And make sure check back later today for my first giveaway! 
**Hint - it's one of my favorite products and it rhymes with Mega. Hmmm..... 

  • If you've read more About me above, you know that I, like many of you, have lost loved ones to cancer. I am fascinated by the work of pioneers such as David Wolfe and in this 30 minute podcast, he shares the most current research on prevention.
  • On that note, I cannot wait for this movie, Forks Over Knives, to hit theaters in March 2011. It reminds me of the powerful message  of Food Inc and it's trying to spread the word that almost every disease can be controlled & reversed through a plant based diet. 
  • Looking for great ways to develop that nice line in your chest? Girls - get off your knees & give 1 of these 20 pushups a try (video with demo)
  • If you saw my recent haul from the Veggie Food Fair, you may have caught on to my love affair with Hemp seeds. Read this article to understand why.
  • Heart disease is one of the major killers of women and it is largely due to diet & lifestyle. Read this list of 10 foods to avoid on the road to prevention

To your swellbeing,
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