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Vegan Recipes Sur ma Table

Welcome to Monday.
Actually every day has been feeling like a Monday lately mostly due to my daughter waking up at 5am and the sugar coma I've been living in. It's amazing how much a lack of sleep influences diet & decision making. My workouts haven't been happening and I'm in a funk.
So tonight after I put her down I went to the basement and pedalled out 40 minutes on the spin bike. These are the game changing moments folks. Mind over matter. Flip the switch. And you know what - funk is over. Cramming in a workout was the very last thing I felt like doing tonight but now I feel back on track and in charge. I will not let a 15 month old control my brain with her less than ideal sleeping patterns. Repeat after me.

Onto other exciting matters...check out my girl Kris Britton's new site Skinny Girl Fat Passion where I'm featured in the Why I Blog section. I love her original blog, I Heart Wellness, and I'm really excited to see what's in store for this new one!!

And...have you entered my Vega giveaway yet? There's only 1 day left so get your entries in!!

Alrighty, on to this week's eats. I love planning a bit of pumpkin & a big pot of soup into the weekly meal planning now that beautiful fall is here....

And somewhere in this week I'm hoping to find the time to fill my freezer with massive amounts of Gorgeous Green Pesto using all the Basil up in my garden, while delish pumpkin scones bake in the oven and a great made for TV movie comes on. Yes....I do plan my life like this. And then Chloe will laugh at me and none of this will happen :)

Have a great week and check back on Wed to see if you're the winner of a yummy bag of Vega Protein!!
To your Swellbeing,

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