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Happy Healthy Halloween!

Happy Halloween weekend you silly health monsters!

What's the eat-healthy plan for this weekend to avoid sneaking into the buckets of candy your kids may come home with? What's the ratio of candy you've bought versus expected trick or treaters looking like?

I actually haven't bought any candy to hand out because I was half debating between waiting last minute or spending some time preparing healthy treats to give out. Do you think our house would get egged if I did that? Maybe they'd consider using egg replacer :)

If any of you are feeling like it's time to make a change this year, here's a healthy list of options to consider:
 - air popped popcorn
 - baked chips
 - boxes of raisins or trail mix
 - mini larabars
 - squares of dark chocolate
 - bubbles, stickers, tattoos etc
My mother in law is handing out colouring books & stickers...isn't that the sweetest?

We'll be taking Chloe to a little pumpkin festival tomorrow where all the pets & little people will be playing dressup. And then it will be time for our first pumpkin carving. I can't wait to get some seeds roasting and loved this idea on Fitness & Spice's site on how to make an all natural air freshener with the pumpkin after!

For dinner tomorrow night we're keeping with the theme and having pumpkin chili bowls & cornbread a la Oh She Glows. After our little punk rocker goes to bed we'll be seeing Saw (whatever # it's up to now) in 3D...love it!

Okay...onto a few great links I was digging this week:

  • I love this post on 10 Fun Things to do with a Pumpkin!
  • A great, quick audio about the importance of a to do list and sticking to it! 
  • I think by now most of you have seen the famous picture of the 6 month old Happy meal. Well, this has brought quite a few more examples out of the woodwork of people that have been holding on to Unhappy Meals for more than 10 years!
  • A few weeks ago, I linked an article about the importance of burning soy or 100% beeswax candles. Well, I just discovered this site which has a great selection such as soy candles that you burn down to expose seeds at the bottom that you can then sprout into Wheatgrass!
  • Ever wondered how much you'd save by switching to a Vegan Diet? Check this out!
  • Do you soak your nuts? Here's why you should
Have a safe & healthy weekend! I'll be back with my first Workout post - the perfect circuit training to burn off all those weekend snicker bars!

To your Swellbeing,
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