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Planning a Vegan Thanksgiving in my Groove Pants

I think I'm a wee bit overtired as I type this so be on the lookout for a few grammatical errors.....
Last week turned out to be exactly as busy as I thought. I mentioned that I signed up to work the annual Lululemon Warehouse sale and I'll just let the pictures do the talking:

          ~  B-a-n-a-n-a-s ~

25000 people in one weekend...
For the love of Luon!
Amidst all the chaos, it was great to connect with a few friends & peers that I haven't seen in a while that are now working for the company.

I did scoop up a few cute new things, but here I sit in my old Groove pants planning out what looks to be a much nicer & quieter week. I'm so so excited for this weekend as it is our Canadian Thanksgiving and we'll be doing it Vegan style at our casa! We're also hoping for great fall weekend weather so we can take Chloe to the Thanksgiving Festival & Arts show.
On the health front..... My eating was all over the place last week and I barely had time to fit in a workout so I'll be focusing on balancing that out this week by squeezing in lots of extra greens and making sure I workout during Chloe's morning nap. I am feeling much better than I was last week and I'm pulling together a post on how to fight the dreadful cold in a Holistic way...and point #1 will probably be to not work a warehouse sale :)

Okay...back to our regular programming:
I couldn't quite contain my excitement when I saw that Miss OhSheGlows posted a whole Vegan menu yesterday with recipe links!! You can view it HERE. I'll post what we're cooking up for this weekend once I get it all together. For now, here's the vegan I'll be trying out this week with links if you'd like to also...

~ Coconut Chickpea Curry on Rice
~ Eggless Spinach Quiche w/ Kale Salad
~ Penne w/ Butternut Squash & Sage Pesto
~ DIY Pizzas on Spelt Crust w/ Mae's Humnut Cheeze
And a few things to go with our afternoon hot bevvies:
Gingerbread Flax Muffins & Vegan apple Bundt Cake

 To your Swellbeing,
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