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Swell on This

Happy Friday & yay for us lucky Canadians because we get to spend this weekend giving thanks with all of our loved ones over plates of delish food!! And check out my RECIPES page above where I've just posted links to 100 of my fave Vegan Recipes!!

This weekend will be one for the books. Beautiful fall weather... perfect for visits to the pumpkin patch & the arts festival, and the house is starting to feel like fall:

I can't wait to lace up the sneaks & breathe in some of this fresh air this morning!
And now for a little weekend reading for you:

  • Here are 8 foods that have superpowers when consumed raw. Think about how you can add them in daily....ie) add cacoa nibs & chia seeds to your morning oats
  • Need a little motivation to cut down on eating processed foods? Grab a mug of ginger tea because you may feel a little nauseous after discovering what's actually in that food on the shelf. ~by Meagan at Sundae Mornings.
  • And then there's the (not so) Happy Meal Project. I'll never look at pink taffy the same way. This will be just the encouragement you need to say goodbye to the Mcdonald's drive thru for good.
  • Confused about all the Sugars out there? Listen to this great 40 min podcast from Ben Greenfield on what the best choice is and how to kick those cravings for good. Ps....Agave doesn't make the cut!

let's try to use as many of the 86,400 seconds that God gives us today to say Thanks!
To your Swellbeing,
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