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A Florida Picturebook

After a few glorious weeks away, I have to say that FLorida was all about....
first times on the beach
Pool Mohawks
Having the coolest ride in West Palm
Visits with little friends
Learning to take our first steps

And yoga to the crashing waves
Beach Runs

picking out our very first pumpkin

...and lots of pool side scrabble, movies at night, runs along the beach and getting rid of the to do list.

As beautiful as our time away was, there will always be a comfort in coming back home and appreciating the daily grind. And this week's grind has been keeping me busy but I'm feeling hopeful as I attack it with that low-glycemic challenge I told you about last week.

Make it a great weekend...even though the sun is hiding on us. Here are a few links to check out if you have a little down time.
  • Did you know that some cancers take 20 years to form? Read this to learn how to stop it in its tracks.
  • Studies are showing that a diet rich in Dairy & Meat is causing girls to reach puberty at too early an age.
  • Here's a great article on 18 reasons to Breastfeed for all of you healthy Mamas to be. Chloe is 16 months old and showing no signs of wanting to wean yet so it's great to know there are so many benefits for both her & I.

To your Swellbeing & Hot pink Toes
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