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A Healthy Girl's Guide to Black Friday

Well...today is the most slimming day of the year. Crazy to think that black not only slims your figure but also your bank account :)

I will not be braving any sales out there today...that kind of boldness was reserved for my teenage years. Tonight I'm heading up to the Whole Life Expo with a friend of mine and I'm so excited for the slew of amazing health vendors that await me! I'm also looking forward to attending a health lecture by Julie Daniluk on Hormonal Happiness...cause it's all about the hormones girls!

This morning I've been taking advantage of a few of the great online sales and plan to do a little more on "Cyber Monday" (I feel like a real geek saying that). Gotta love shopping in your lulu sweats with a big mug of rooibos tea.

So...I thought I'd share a few of the sites I came across with good deals for the healthy girls out there. (Most of these are either Canadian sites or ship to Canada).** I don't have any affiliation with  any of these sites, just a lot of love.

  • The Apple store has all the Nanos, Ipads & Ipods  you could ever need to get through a workout on sale.
  • See Jane Run is offering 25% off their entire site using code "GIFT2010". They pretty much have every item on your wishlist.
  • TRX has 25% off everything on their site. I've bragged about this Suspension Training workout system before and just really think it's worth the money considering you can just about do it anywhere in your house.
  • Barnes & Noble has a 30% off discount code (X3B9M4WLC24) you can use towards one book. Here's a few you might want to add to your bookshelf:

  • Vega has 20% off their entire line up of awesome products using code "CJ-BLACKFRIDAY2010". There are some great stocking stuffer type packets too!
  • Vitacost has a great sale happening on Monday. I've purchased supplements, skincare & grocery products from them before and you cannot beat their prices.
  • All Amazing Grass Products are 30% off until 11/29 using code "greenholiday"
And if you have a fancy blue Airmiles card, then make sure you log onto the Airmiles Shops site before you start your shopping. You can earn 10x the miles on alot of sites such as Apple, Ebay, Overstock and more.

After all your shopping, you might just feel like snuggling up to the fire with a couple of interesting links to check out:

  • Addicted to Cheese? This article explains why that may be and it has nothing to do with feeling comforted.
  • I listened to this podcast interview with Suzanne Somers and actually ended up playing it twice so that I didn't miss anything. She is really using her celebrity for good to spread the news about what's really going on with Cancer.
  • I love this little workout diddy from Bob to add into your next cardio or Chest workout day. Gotta love his vulnerability!
Have a great weekend!
To your Swellbeing,
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