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How Not to Get Sick

I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV :)
But, I don't think it ever hurts to spread the message of good health, especially now that we're in the dreaded cold & flu season. So, I've put together this quick list of wellness strategies that have been proven to help you scoot through this season keeping your healthy glow!

It's all about keeping your immune system strong because the minute it gets compromised you are walking a one-man-army. And by compromise, I mean a few days of little sleep, no exercise and a boatload of sugar (otherwise know as the typical American diet)

  1. Slap your hands every time they come near your mouth, nose or eyes. This is where the "Colds Welcome Here" sign hangs on your body.
  2. Drink 80 oz of fresh water daily.
  3. Exercise: It boosts your immunity in just 20 min/day. When you sweat, you increase your body's natural virus killing cells.
  4. Sleep: less than 7 hrs makes you 5 times more susceptible
  5. Use a saline solution a few times a week to irrigate the nasal passage.
  6. Take Vit D at least 2000 IU/day. Canadians - get your Ds tested in a blood test while it's still covered
  7. Eat This:
    • Soluble fiber (beans, oats, apples)
    • Daily Large Salad full of color
    • Brazil nuts & Walnuts (rich in Zinc & Selenium)
    • Garlic: load it up in your soups, pesto & pasta. About 4 cloves/day
    • Fermented Yogurt, Kefir & miso. I add Kefir to my protein shakes & add 1 tbsp to water when soaking my oats. And Here is a great Miso Pretty soup recipe to try!
Hope that helps!
Here's a few things I pondered on this week that you might find interesting:

  • Reading articles such as this one about how/why there are so many (false) health claims between dairy & health really get me going. But it's all about being informed so please take a few minutes to read and think twice before falling for the post workout chocolate milk!
  • Have you heard about the studies actually linking Cancer to using Sunscreen? I rarely wear it myself and try to avoid using it on Chloe....if you'd like to learn more about ways to protect yourself from the sun with your diet then check out This & This.
  • Did you know your house gets a bit jealous when you don't include it in your Detox?
  • Further to my last post on the Beans/Grains that I soak every week, here's a great read on all of the benefits.
To your Swellbeing,
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