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Meal Planning Monday & Free Veggie Starter Kit

Happy {Cyber} Monday!
I mentioned on Friday that there were a few great sales happening today and one of them is at Vitacost I just scooped up a bunch of my favourite health products at really low prices:

The only other thing I'm really hunting down today is a great price on a Dyson Rollerball Vaccuum.....hook a girl up if you have any leads :)
Something that came across my desk this morning, is this link to a Free Vegetarian Starter Kit from PCRM (Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine) If you've ever thought about transitioning to a Vegetarian/Vegan diet, you should really check this out - it has everything you'd want to know in one place & it's free!

Free Vegetarian Starter Kit!
Now that I've got you thinking about Veggie fare....here's the meal plan for us this week.....

...I made the yummiest batch of chili last night all because I added in a few tsp of cinnamon. I attended a lecture over the weekend on hormones & balancing blood sugar and I am now obsessed with adding ground cinnamon to almost everything I make. I'll recap all my learnings for you later this week, but for now - add cinnamon to everything! This chili will be showing up in creative ways over the next few days but the best reincarnation will be the taco salad below...the dressing on this is phenom!
Butternut Squash & Sage Lasagna
~ Eggplant Parm with Angel Hair
~ Taco Salad w/ Spicy Cilantro Dressing
~ Kale & White Bean Soup
~ Eggless Spinach Quiche on Potato Crust
I also can't wait to give these Detox Blonde Macaroons & Pumpkin Ginger Snap cookies a chance to win my sweet tooth over

To your Swellbeing,
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