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Workout Circuit 360: No Fuss, Lots of Muss.....cles.

Happy one-of-the-greatest days of the year!! Today we get that extra hour that we ask Santa for every year. A whole 60 minutes to take a long bath, read a book & bake some gluten free quinoa chocolate chip cookies. Or you may just relish in going to bed and waking up extra beautiful tomorrow morning.

But I know there may be some of you healthy mavens out there that are looking for a little workout to add into your schedule this week as you sit with a mug of tea & your daytimer right now.

And I must confess...I did this workout last week while vacaying in beautiful Palm Beach so just know that I can't typically get outdoors like this. I am now back in my homeland of cold, rainy & snow on the way Canada.

The good news is - this is the first of many circuit based workouts I plan to share with you and this one in particular can be done in your own home with nothing more than your beautiful self and a sturdy bench or low table. If it is warm where you live and you have access to a park then you can really play along:

~ 8 exercises x 3 sets x 15 reps = 360 cool moves
(This is for intermediate level)

Warmup first: 10 minutes of light Cardio
Circuit #1:
Standing Pushup x 15:
Keep a neutral spine & lower
to the count of 4 then push back up.
Lift 1 leg to make it harder
Or get on up & show the boys how it's done

Tricep Dip x 15
Place palms on the edge & curl fingers under
Legs straight out, heels on ground.
Lower body towards ground, keep elbows in & push back up

Body Weight Squat x 15
Hands down - best lower body move!
lower - pretending you're sitting in a chair
Keep arms out in front & Focus on keeping
your knees behind your toes.
Focus on pushing up through your heels
& squeeze!

One leg Lunge x 15
Extend one leg behind you & straighten other leg.
WIth weight on front let, lower to a 90 degree angle.
Keep front knee behind toes
Now switch legs for another 15 reps.
Keep it slow & steady
You can either keep your arms at your side
or out in front for a little more challenge

This completes Circuit #1. Repeat that set of 4 exercises 2 more times.

Circuit #2:
Pull-up Row x 15
You'll need access to a horizontal bar for this one
(or see variation below)
Place hands a little wider than shoulder width.
Lower down, keeping a small arch in your back.
Pull back up, aiming your chin for the bar.

**Variation if you don't have a bar:
The Superman x 15
Lie on stomach with arms & legs extended.
Keep arms/legs straight and lift to form U-shape
Hold for 3 seconds & lower.
Close Grip Pull up x 15
Place hands about 15 inches apart and take
an underhand grip.
Pull your chin up to the bar & lower
Variation for this would be to grab any kind
of item with weight and perform 15 dumbell curls

Walking Lunge x 15 (on each leg)
Keep your back straight,torso upright & Abs tight.
Walk forward bending to 90 degrees and not
allowing your front knee to come past your toes.
Back knee should come close to ground but not touch.
Bring back leg forward into lunge position.
Glute Kickbacks x 15
Stand facing bar or table.
Squeeze your glutes as you kick & life your back leg
Lower & raise 15 times on each side.

Repeat this circuit 2 more times & then you're all done!
To your Swellbeing,
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