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Great Resource for Raising Healthy Kids

I first heard about Natalia Rose when I attended a Health Conference a few years ago. I was really drawn to the research she had done on the importance of raw foods and their cleansing properties. Last year, I read one of her books, Detox 4 Women, and learned so much about the importance of juicing and food combining. While I don't practice these suggestions every day, I listen to my body and know when it's necessary.

I just found out that she has started a new & free program called Life Force Families. This site is an awesome resource and I really like the way she the information laid out depending on the age of your children. 
There is lots of information there about nutrition & total health so I'd highly recommend you check it out, whether you are already taking a holistic approach in the way you raise your children, or maybe you feel frustrated with the way modern medicine has failed you & your kids.

Here are a few other links I really liked this week that you might too:

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