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Healthy Eating on the Go

Traveling & Christmas might as well be the same word....Like Summer & Construction, they are not a match made in Heaven. But travel doesn't have to mean a cold inducing, dehydrating, groggy experience.
If you're like me...everytime you leave the house you may ask yourself "what if I starve?". I kid, I kid.....but honestly, I rarely leave home without snacks & water.
In this video post, I'll share with you my go-tos for eating on the go...whether you're in the skies or on the road, your belly will be happy!

Covered in the Vid:
- Organic popcorn with Coco oil, Sea Salt & Nutritional Yeast.
- Cranberry walnut quinoa salad w/ Baked Tofu Bites
- Protein powder samples (to add into oatmeal from Starbucks)
- Mary's crackers & celery with Hummus dip
- Larabars
- Chickpeas (Edamame & Black Beans are good options too)
- Water Bottle: Add about 20oz onto what you regularly drink!! (Goal should be about 80oz/day)

Other Suggestions:
- Raw Chocolate Protein Bar
- Superfood Snack Ballers
- apples, bananas, mandarin oranges or Grapes
- trail mix: Soak your nuts & seeds first overnight in water.
- avocado sliced around but not cut through (to remain fresh)
- Power Bread: Ezekial toast spread with nut butter & topped with seeds (pumpkin, hemp or chia are great options)

And now I have a favour to ask the mamas of the group....what is your best toy/gadget/trick when entertaining a toddler while traveling? I will love you forever.

To your Swellbeing & Sweet Travels,
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