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A Healthy Girl's Holiday Wishlist

Okay...so I'm not the most subtle person on the planet dedicating a whole blog post to purchases I would love to receive. But this is not the case my friends. We've decided that this year we are all about spoiling our little Chloe, filling the stockings & having great food around the table. 
I still wanted in on some of the fun though so I thought I'd put a post together that you can just go ahead and forward to your husbands. Imagine all the things they'll be able to this year on Dec 24th, now that they won't be frantically shopping will all their male friends. :)

Lush Products 
Derma e products (Paraben Free)
Yes to tomatoes Hydrating Lotion (Paraben Free)

Health & Swellness:
Stainless Water Bottle with Filter (filtered water on the go)
TRX Training System (my fave part of our home gym)
Nike sportband (works with the Nike Ipod Running System)
Yogitoes Yoga Towel (drapes over Yoga mat - perfect for sweaty betties)
Lululemon wunder unders (Best Lulu pant ever)
Larabar Mini's (only 4-5 ingredients - all natural)


Healthy Foodies:


So while that's all good and fun, don't forget that usually the best gifts come without a barcode....Here's just a few ideas:

 Make a great meal and just be present with those you love.
Offer to babysit for those 'couple friends' that never get out.
Spend an afternoon with your Grandparents and talk about their favourite Christmas memories.
Put down the laundry and just play with your kids.
Compliment your husband every day.
Think about how you can use your connections to help a friend get a job.
Just smile. There are just too many people with their heads down these days.

To your Swellbeing,
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