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How To Eat Frogs for Breakfast

So it's Dec 1st. I can hardly believe those 4 words.
As we all start planning like mad for the holidays, it's pretty common to feel like you're constantly behind. Actually, most days I feel that way as a Stay at Home Mommer to the lovely Chloe.
But, there is one practice that I have done most of my adult life and that is making a to do list. At the end of every day, I spend just a few minutes planning out the ideal next day. I swear that this simple practice gives me a better sleep than any dosage of melatonin & chamomile tea ever could.
If you're feeling a bit out of control with your life in general or maybe more specifically with your eating & workouts, then I have a few tips to help you get & stay on track:

~Take one day a week and plan out your meals & workouts. These are the foundations of your health and will give you the energy to do all the other things you want to do. I love using Google calendar for this because you can highlight colours to different items on your calendar. Here's an example of my December using using Google Cal:
Outlook Express uses a very similar system. In This Post, I talk a little more in detail about how I plan my workouts in each week. I also use a meal planning website called Plan To Eat which I absolutely love!! Check out the link for a free 1 month trial.
~ Figure out a system for daily lists that is going to work for you. If you're a pen & paper gal, then pick up a cute notepad that will be used only for your daily to-do's. I love the Moleskin journals for this:
If you're more of an electronic note maker, then here tons of apps you can download to your iphone/ipad. I personally use the To Do's list and think it's great, plus it's free.
And if you're the kind of gal that does her best thinking (and probably singing) in the shower, than you're probably going to want to get yourself some Aquanotes.
The system that's going to best work for you is the one you're going to refer to most throughout the day.

~ Okay...are you ready for the real golden nugget of list making? After you've created your ideal day on paper, look it over and know that you're probably only going to get 3 of those things done. Highlight these 3 things and make them the priority. These are probably not going to be your most fun tasks, but if you complete them first, then you will have great momentum going into your day. This is what Brian Tracy refers to as Eating Frogs for Breakfast.

~ Lastly, I am a big believer in goal setting. I think it's really important to do one thing every day that puts you closer to your personal, career or Health goals. It can be big or small but just make it happen!

So...being that today is Dec 1st, start a new habit and see how much more productive & healthy you can be! It's also a good time to dust off that 2010 Resolution List and see how you've been doing with those goals.

To your Swellbeing (and list-making),
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