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It's Beginning to Look Alot Like...a Dirty Kitchen

So....how's everyone's Dec 23rd going so far? Whether you're working, shopping or food prepping....the excitement is in the air!
My day will be mostly in the kitchen doing some baking and side dish prep. 
Here's the lineup of deliciousness we're cooking up for what should be a nice mix of Healthy & Holiday...

I'm doing the following dishes while the rest of the family does the turkey, potatoes & stuffing.
~ Quinoa Millet Pancakes (For Christmas morning)
~ Tofurky from Whole Foods
~ Superfood hot Chocolate (taking a thermos for Dec 24th evening walk)

My goal this year will be to eat Christmas dinner as slowly as possible. My best tip would be to take 1 minute chewing the first bite of every dish - you'll truly taste & savour all the work that went into it, and it's proven that you won't stuff your belly too full!
Would love to hear what dish you're most looking forward to!

Wishing you most peaceful & memory filled Holiday Season! 
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