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The Swellbeing Project

How's everybody feeling today? I hope your Christmas was full of love & magical moments that will carry you into a fresh new year chock-full of promise!
January is such an enticing month! It's a clean slate & an empty to-do list just waiting for your ink. Some of you may already be getting excited about all the things you want to accomplish in 2011, and some of you maybe prefer to just wing it! But I think we all share the excitement that comes with a new year and the potential to keep striving to be our best self.

Well, how do you like the idea of starting off the new year together with a Health Challenge?
I give you:
I have put together 30 challenges for us to do for the month of January! Every morning, I will come to you with a 2 minute video blog of the day's challenge. I can promise you that this challenge will kickstart your health and will satisfy your need for goals of the Smart variety. But, the most important thing I hope you'll take away from this is that true health comes from small daily habits & is a sustainable lifestyle. This is not about restricting & killing ourselves to fit into a Size 2.

Here's what I'll provide you in this challenge:
  • A 2 min daily video with the day's healthy habit & all the benefits that go with it.
  • A motivational Quote & Powersong for your workout playlist
  • Weekly - I will post a wrapup to the Health & Swellbeing Facebook Wall with a log of my workouts & food to give you some ideas.
  • At the end of the month, I will draw name to win a free assessment & Personal Training session with moi! If you don't live locally - we will do this over Skype or phone.
  • And I will offer everyone else that joins the challenge 30% off Personal Training sessions & packages with me.

So here's what I want you to do to prepare for the challenge:
  • Join the Health & Swellbeing Facebook Group. (the link is also in the sidebar to the right -->) I will be posting the daily challenges here and would love for you to share ideas, questions & your daily workout/food log here if you'd like! I will answer all questions posted here daily.
  • I will be asking you to record your consumed food each day -not because I want you to cut calories, but because I want you to become aware. The best way to do this for the challenge, is to sign up for a free account on Dailyplate. Or you can just scribble it down on paper or take pictures of your food - whatever works for you!
So...are you in? I Can't wait to start this year off on the right foot together!
I'll see you in 4 days with the first challenge!

To our Swellbeing in 2011,

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