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Challenge #12: Soak Your Beans!

Today I'm talking all about Legumes: Why they're so super good for you, why soaking/cooking at home is best & how NOT to get gas from eating them!
I typically soak & cook my beans every weekend during my Meal Prep. If you'd like to learn how how to effectively execute a Meal Prep + Plan session so you eat HEALTHIER all week - consider purchasing my Webinar & Ebook called The Sustainable Healthy Kitchen!

Think about creating a new home for your healthy beans & grains to live. If you see them clearly - you'll be inspired to cook with them!
You should also soak your grains, Nuts & Seeds before cooking or eating them as this will help break down the Phytic Acid. This binds to the vitamins & minerals in your body and pulls them out of the body. I will talk more about this in an upcoming post about making "overnight oats".

Recipes to try:
 - Chickpea noodle soup
 - The Hummus that changes everything
 - Quinoa Chickpea Loaf
Black Beans:
 - Black Bean Enchiladas
 - Black Bean Quinoa Burgs
 - Black Bean Brownies


And if you want to take legume consumption to the next level - consider taking my Online Course on Sprouting Legumes & Making you own Probiotics (through home made Kombucha & Water Kefir). I have seen major positive changes in my own health since doing both of these things.

Happy leguming,


  1. I love all the info. about beans and am so excited to have found your site. Keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I have recently started soaking my beans as well as my nuts; however, my nuts ( almonds in particular) turn soft and loose there taste. Is that normal or am I maybe doing something wrong

  3. Lizhindman11:45 AM

    Ok silly question... I hate, hate, hate beans- mostly the texture in my mouth. I really want to like them being that I am trying to eat healthier and know that this is a big staple in a lot of vegan recipes. Do you have any advice?

  4. Kham121111:18 PM

    My husband's aunt used to put dried beans into a jar about 3/4 ful and then fill it up with boiling water, then seal the lid. She said that it helped to partially cook the beans so that when she wanted to use them later in the week they would cook a lot faster. I wondered if that was safe or would there be a chance of bacteria growing? How long do you think shelf life would be for that?

  5. Marhtafearsme5:39 PM

    I have been pressure canning my own and love to have them on hand.  Lower in salt and ready to go all the time.  Nice site, thank you for the recipes!  I love garbanzos too.

  6. So yum + nutrish!! My pleasure :)

  7. I love using them in burger patties - or spread them on a wrap!

  8. I find the same thing of almonds - but I actually prefer the taste of them soaked. Just thing about all the benefits of soaking them - you just need to retrain your palette :)

  9. Thanks so much Trina!


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