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Challenge #12: Soak Your Beans!

Today I'm talking all about Legumes: Why they're so super good for you, why soaking/cooking at home is best & how NOT to get gas from eating them!
I typically soak & cook my beans every weekend during my Meal Prep. If you'd like to learn how how to effectively execute a Meal Prep + Plan session so you eat HEALTHIER all week - consider purchasing my Webinar & Ebook called The Sustainable Healthy Kitchen!

Think about creating a new home for your healthy beans & grains to live. If you see them clearly - you'll be inspired to cook with them!
You should also soak your grains, Nuts & Seeds before cooking or eating them as this will help break down the Phytic Acid. This binds to the vitamins & minerals in your body and pulls them out of the body. I will talk more about this in an upcoming post about making "overnight oats".

Recipes to try:
 - Chickpea noodle soup
 - The Hummus that changes everything
 - Quinoa Chickpea Loaf
Black Beans:
 - Black Bean Enchiladas
 - Black Bean Quinoa Burgs
 - Black Bean Brownies


And if you want to take legume consumption to the next level - consider taking my Online Course on Sprouting Legumes & Making you own Probiotics (through home made Kombucha & Water Kefir). I have seen major positive changes in my own health since doing both of these things.

Happy leguming,
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