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Challenge #14: Healthy Friday Night Popcorn

Okay so enough of the heavy stuff. This weekend we need to add some healthy fun into our lives and I think the best way to kick it off is with a big old bowl of nostalgia & your fave movie. Send your partner in crime out to pick up a movie while you get to work on today's challenge!
Here's the recipe from the video: Healthy Cheezy popcorn 
Other fun combinations:
~ Cinnamon & Stevia
~ Maca, Nutritional Yeast & Cacoa powder (or choc chips)
~ Tumeric & Chili powder
~ Nutritional Yeast, Garlic Powder & Cayenne pepper
*Remember to use some kind of oil/butter/water on popcorn first to make the toppings stick!

~ Read about Popcorn Lung....

~ Nutritional Info of air popped (compared with the movie variety)

To your Swellbeing & snuggling tonight ;)
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