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Challenge #23: Eat Plant Based for 1 Week

Today I'm challenging you to feel more energetic, get lean & glow from the inside out with a plant based diet for 1 week. And if you need a bit of peer pressure - Bill Clinton, Jack Lalaine, Bob Harper, Alannis & Demi Moore are just a handful of those 'important' people who are eating the veg. The most important thing is that you educate yourself so you can make the best decision possible....please check out the resources below!

~ Books: Crazy Sexy Diet:You can read the first chapter for free
      -  The China Study
      -  The Kind Diet
      -  The Thrive Diet
~ Movies: Food Inc. Also look out for Forks Over Knives, coming this year.
~ Podcasts: Raw Vegan Radio & Vegetarian Food For Thought
~ Sign up for the 21-day Vegan Kickstart
~ Read this interesting NY Times article about how we end up being lied to regarding the so called benefits of dairy.
~ The Vegan Daily (pulls stories about veganism from all over the web)
~ The Meatless Mondays Movement
~ Get a free Vegetarian Starter Kit

To your Swellbeing & Peaceful eating,

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