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Challenge #8: Book a Guilt-Free Massage

Do you love me today or what?
In today's video, my sidekick & I go into a few reasons why you can stop feeling guilty about booking a monthly massage. I'll be booking mine as you watch this.

Massage Health Tips:
~ Don't eat within 1 hr of massage
~ Dry Skin brush in the morning before your massage to boost circulation even more during the massage.
~ Drink 20 oz of water right after your massage to replenish your muscles & flush toxins that have been released.
~ If you have access to a sauna - enjoy it for 10 minutes after the massage while drinking your water. Extra Detox Power!

Check your benefits plan to see if it covers the cost of massage. If you're looking for a great company to join that offers full benefits for even part time work - consider joining Starbucks. 

To your Swellbeing & Loose Muscles,
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