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Healthy Habits for Every Season

While I would make quite the happy Cali girl, I do appreciate all the beauty of living in a seasonal climate. There is something so exciting about the turn of the seasons & the changes in the way we do things around here. This can especially be seen in the types of habits we fall into with our health & the different things we crave.
Here would be the ways that this Canadian girl changes up the Eats, Workouts & Activities when birds come or go:

Spring/Summer: CLEANSE ~ FRESH ~ GROW
- Open the windows every morning. Let 10 min of fresh air in. Say hi to the birds wth Chloe.
- Start up my Organic Veggie Salad Garden. Staying away from the zucchini monster this year...it scared most of my other veggies away ;)
- Do as much daily activity outside with Chloe. Workouts through swimming, running, biking or circuit training on the deck soaking up the sunshine vitamin. 
- Fresh veggie juice 20 min before breakfast. Eats change to about 70% raw with 2 big salads each day (as much from the garden as possible)
- Cleanse my bod with a natural juice cleanse(I love the Detox 4 Women program). Cleanse my closet by donating seasonal clothes to Diabetes Foundation through Project Clothesline or sell on Ebay. Cleanse my cosmetic case by trading in empty Mac containers & get a free lipstick to boot!

- Set the coffee pot every night because that aroma is winter's best friend.
- Stock up on toxic free soy candles for the perfect mood when the sun goes down early.
- Make healthy soups every weekend. Amount of raw food goes down to about 30%.

- Workouts focus on hot yoga, weights & interval training indoors.

- Knit. Read books. Do both under a blanket by the fire. 
- Don cute touques & arm-warmers...the best are the ones you knit yourself!
- Find a new TV DVD series to fall in love with. For us this winter it was Friday Night Lights. And lots of healthy popcorn to go with it!

So that's my ode to Canadian Healthy Living. Are you with me? What do you love about the seasonal changes?

And just so you know, I started writing this post 2 days ago when the air was warm, the snow was melting and you could just smell Spring coming around the corner. Today, I can be found scraping 3 inches of snow off my car - gotta love it!

To your GLOW!
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