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Healthy Shopping Haul

Happy Friday!

After a very busy week, my hubs offered to watch Chloe for a few hours today while I crossed the border for a bit of shopping. Can't really think of a better way to welcome the weekend...
I guess this post is really for those of you living near in Niagara (or near a border) that love Almond milk & frozen cherries. Cause that's pretty much the whole reason I go over once a month. A little Target trip always makes the cut too.
So...here is why I go:
 Let's debrief for a moment:
A 1.89L jug is $2.49 in the States. A 946ml carton is $2.99 in Canada.
So I bought 4 of them.
Frozen cherries are next to impossible to find in Canada.
I find it impossible to make a protein shake without them.
I bought 5 packs for the freezer.
Coconut Milk Yogurt - my new fave!
(also hard to find here)
Stocking up on my fave Tempeh & organic Tofu
Umm...hello! Quinoa & Dark Choc. Okay.....
I've also been looking into better filtered water options for our house lately. I really want to invest in a Reverse Osmosis filter for the taps & showerheads. But until I find a good unit, I picked up this affordable ($24) Pur Filter for the tap. And it's sparkles so that makes me happy.
Please let me know if you have a home unit that you love!
Hope you have a great weekend!
P.S - I've been spotted over on Apple Jacks Mommy!
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