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Luv. Lurve. Love.

Hey Sweet Cupids.
I know your wish for this Monday is that it brings you more than a bunch of refined sugar, red food dye & an overpriced dinner with 3/4 of the population.
Maybe your Luv day could look a little something like this:

  • Start your day off with a pink immunity boosting juice
  • Followed by Heart Shaped Quinoa Millet Pancakes 
  • Do a Heart Healthy HIIT workout & wash it down with a choco cherry love protein smoothie
  • Make a big pot of heart healthy Rooibos tea and work on a few loving tasks:
    • Create a mixed CD for the person you love. 
    • Book an appt to give blood because that kind of luv is always in need.(Canadian Blood services)
    • Mix up a bottle of Natural Bedroom Bliss Spray (from Whole Living Mag) Mix 30 drops lavender, 15 drops chamomile, 5 drops ylang-ylang. Add 10 drops of this mix to a 1 oz bottle, fill the rest with water and shake well. Spritz liberally on bedding, drapes & other fabrics in your room.
  • Keep dinner simple & make Sushi for two
  • Pop Goji topped Frozen Maca Nanner Pops (so fun to say) in the freezer
  • Take a Bath. Add a little ylang ylang to your Epsom Salts.
  • Indulge in Dessert. In fact - I would make Superfood Bon Bons too.
  • Bring the Coconut Oil upstairs because tonight it might just do more than moisturize your cuticles ;)
To your heartbeat,
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