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Superbowl Snackers

Superbowl Sunday is all about options:
Option #1:Do what you've done every other year which most likely meant feeling guilty all week long for all the overindulging.

Option #2:
Indulge on Snacks that taste way to good to be good for you. Here are some of my fave recipes for days such as these:

~ Seed Crusted Pesto Ball w/ Mary's Gone Crackers

~ Nachos topped with Lentil Taco Meat

Option #3:
Kick your morning workout up a few notches if you plan on doing Option #1. Do 1 min of high intensity cardio for every handful of chips you plan to take

Option #4:
Do Option #2 & #3 and don't end up doing Option #1 and you will win the trophy, rose bowl, cup...or whatever it is they're running around on that field for.
I guess you can tell what I won't be watching tomorrow :) But if someone should ask me -I'm routing for Greenbay...cause well, they have Green in their name, and I pretty much like all the green things.

Have a great Sunday however you spend it!
And don't forget that I have 2 great giveaways going on right now that both end on Monday:
~ A Personal Training Sesh with me by sharing what your 3 Healthiest Takeaways were from The Swellbeing Project
~ Book Giveaway: The Phytozyme Cure

To your Swellbeing,
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