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T H I R T Y ~ O N E

Well, today I'm 31.1 years old. And while I started off yesterday not feeling all that excited about turning boring old 31, today I'm totally feelin' the thirties. They are stronger, wiser & more confident than the twenties when so much time is spent trying to figure it out, impress the wrong people & doubt yourself too much. So....I'm excited for another year of learning, being inspired & sharing all of that with you! 

31 Things I'm Thankful for right now:
  1. A precious little girl that reminds every day that real joy comes from stopping everything you're doing to just grab the cheeks of the one you love & kiss em
  2. A husband that loves & supports me in all my crazy endevours, teaches me to slow down & steps up when others would step away.
  3. Love in my heart & in my home
  4. Yoga
  5. Healthy, confident, & inside out beautiful friends that inspire me
  6. A graceful God that never takes his hand off my life
  7. To have a home that feels like home every time I walk in the door
  8. A body that never stops doing what I ask of it
  9. A mind that is hungry to keep learning
  10. A spirit that always reminds me there is more than what we see
  11. The knowledge that led me to vegan diet
  12. Family that supports us in their prayers & emergency funds ;)
  13. For nutritional yeast sauce
  14. Twitter because I have the attention span of a 5 year old
  15. For boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers and a boyfriend that turns into a husband
  16. All the green things
  17. Google products because my life runs that much smoother
  18. Clients that inspire me with their drive to want more for themselves
  19. Massages
  20. The opportunity to teach my passion
  21. Lemons, coco oil & frozen cherries
  22. To live in an age where education is everywhere
  23. Blogs that make me smile
  24. Etsy for meeting my creative needs
  25. Ebay for allowing me to sell the old to pay for the new
  26. Splashes of pink everyday
  27. Boardgames
  28. For coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon & fresh water all day
  29. My iphone because there is truly an app for everything....well almost everything ;)
  30. For Spring getting ready to make an appearance
  31. For the opportunity we're given every day to do a little bit better

And you can make this bday girl's day even a little brighter by voting for Health & Swellbeing in Women's Health - Blogs we Love 2011. All you have to do is enter my URL here & give a quick blurb on what you like about my little blog! Thanks beautiful readers!!

Also - I'm working on my very first vlog Newsletter where I'll be bringing you a Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness tip every month along with a quick Q&A at the end. So send me your questions!
To your Swellbeing,
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