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Vegan Meal Planning...

Happy Monday!
Can you feel the love of March in the air? We are so close to being in the clear of this snow... but I won't say that too loud as I am the queen of jinx. All I know is my body is starting to be more open to the idea of a little more salad in the day - and I trust that feeling a little more than the old groundhog ;)
So...have you all done your healthy meal plans for this week? If you need a bit of inspiration of the vegan kind, here's what I'm cooking up this week....
Da Plan:
~ Chunky Chili & Cornbread
~ Chili Mac Bake
~ White Bean Manicotti Bundles
~ Cashew Tofu Curry
~ Quinoa Sweet Potato Kale Cakes
~ Coco Curry Lentil Stew over Quinoa
*Check out Org Junkie for lots of other meal planning ideas!

Also, if you've got a sweet second today, please consider showing this blog a little love by voting for it in Women's Health - Blogs we Love 2011.
Stay tuned for my first newsletter in vlog format coming later this week! And thanks for all your great questions - I'll pick a few to answer at the end of the newsletter. Keep em coming if you have them!

To your Swellbeing,
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