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Vegan Meal Plan Monday {VMPM}

First of all,Thanks for taking a tiny moment to update your Readers, Blogrolls & Facebook with my new Blog Address. It has been quite the tedious process trying to transition everything over & I don't want to lose anybody in the process....cause we've come so far together ya know ;) I've got lots of exciting posts planned so I'm glad you've decided to continue hanging out with me!
So Monday is here to remind us that there's a whole week of living & eating & playing & sleeping to plan. (I really need to start planning in the last one a little better.)
Here are the vegan meals I'll be cooking up this week:
~ Spaghetti Squash w/ Black Beans & Daiya Cheese
~ Quinoa Chickpea Loaf
~ Feelin Good Stew
~ Quinoa Pasta w/ Lentil Red Sauce
~ Veggie Lasagna w/Ricotta Nut Cheese
~ Curried Lentil Potato Caulie Soup
Have you tried out Plan to Eat yet? It's a super duper meal planning site and if you click the link you'll have a free 30 day trial. It has made my life so much easier!
When you're planning out your meals, think about what the main ingredient is (ie lentils) and then find 2 recipes that you could use and make up a double batch of that main ingredient. You'll see that I'm making a lentil red sauce one day and then a lentil based soup 2 days later. And batch cooking is always a great thing....cause lunch is a total pain to make so always have leftovers from the night before.

I'll be back later with the vlog newsletter for March!
Have a great Monday!
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