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Healthy Back to School Brekkies

Today was the most gorgeous fall-like weather day - I just loved having the breeze blow through the windows as I cleaned house and got a little packing done. Hard to believe in just 6 short weeks we'll be meeting our baby girl and moving to our new home in London.

I am so stoked for fall and all of it's pumpkins, apples, chili, high boots & chunky knits....makes a girl so happy to live in a seasonal country.

So, I thought I'd put a quick post together on super healthy & quick breakfast options for all the Mamas out there starting to feel that panic of back to school time approaching. It's so important to put good stuff in our kids' bellies first thing in the morning because that sets the tone for the day.
All of these ideas will take less than 5 min to prepare in the morning, are loaded with superfood nutrition & are Chloe approved ;)

{Store in freezer and warm up in the morning}

{Can be made in batches & stored in freezer}

{Portion out in bowls that can easily be heated up each morning}

Nut Butter Nanner Toast
~Spread sunflower seed butter on sprouted grain bread (Ezekial brand is great). Top with sliced bananas & hemp seeds

Noochy Hemp Toast:
~Butter sprouted grain toast with Earth Balance and top with Nutritional Yeast & Hemp Seeds.

To your healthy mornings,
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