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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

I cannot believe how quickly this holiday has come! For me, with all the changes coming up in my life, I'm looking forward to a little downtime this weekend with family and a little time to reflect on all the blessins'. I have so much to be thankful for - our baby girl arrives in just over a week and we move into our brand new house the week after! We are definitely in the calm before the storm right now ;)

So onto the food....
I realize that this holiday has turned into more of a celebration of a bird at times, so I'd love to encourage you to give a few new & healthier Vegan recipes a try at your table this year. Put the focus back on just being together, eating compassionately & reflecting on all the goodness in your life. For some people, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a 10 lb weight gain that wraps up on Jan 1st. Slow it down this weekend, really taste your food and just take it all in!

If you're looking for some delish Vegan recipes to decorate your table with this year - here's a link to all the dishes I made last year for Thanksgiving when I hosted. They all turned out really great but the all stars of the lineup were the Giving Thanks Loaf  w/ Vegan Gravy & the Sticky Sweet Cranberry Tofu.

This year, I won't be hosting so I'm going to cook up a Veggie Nut Loaf with that amazing gravy and a Kale Salad to bring over to my Moms.

And hey...if you do get a case of the bloats this weekend, start the next day with a couple glasses of lemon water and give these Yoga poses a try!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

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