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Kamut Gingerbread Pancakes

I love making pancakes once a week and will make triple batches to freeze. I saw this recipe on Pinterest last night and while some of you may have dreams about being able to fly or walking into a room and realizing your naked....my few hours of shut eye last night were all about these cakes.

I healthified them up with some vegan flair and I'm begging you to try these tomorrow. They will do just the trick if you need to encourage a little Christmas spirit in your house. I give you...
Kamut Gingerbread Pancakes
You can find Kamut flour at the Bulk Barn - it's higher in protein than most other grains, a great source of fiber & selenium. And you will love the molasses in these - such a great way to boost your iron!
The other thing I love about pancakes is most of the prep can be done the night before by mixing all your dry ingredients in a bowl and setting aside for the morning, which makes every Mom sleep a little better at night.

Enjoy your week and don't forget to plan your meals! If you need some help with this - check out Webinar that I run bi-weekly called The Sustainable Healthy Kitchen!

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