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Weekly Roundup

Happy Monday Healthy People!

This weekend was rather momentous around our place as we were able to get a little bit more of a system going on with the girls and their bedtimes which allowed us to rent a couple movies and chill with bowls of healthy popcorn {click the link to learn my fave way of making....and if you're looking for a great rental I'd highly reco Crazy Stupid Love - best movie I've seen in a while.}.
This is seriously all it takes to turn turn up the sanity. That and I'm almost 6 weeks post-op which means I can soon hit the gym and start feeling a little more like moi.

The house is slowly starting to become a Christmas version of itself. Chloe decorated her little tree and I put up are artificial tree for what will be the last year.
And hot chocolate parties were had after all the exhausting decorating ;)
We are all about the real thang for the tree after this year. Do you do fake or real?

On Sat morning I snuck out with Emmy strapped to my chest and visited a local health fair here in London called Sage Fair. It was great to network with some health based & green organizations here in London. I chatted quite a while with the loveliest woman who practices Iridology and she did a little reading of my eyes.  It's pretty fascinating stuff and I plan on looking into getting my certification in it because it really compliments what I'll be practicing as a Holistic Nutritionist.

So on to the recipes I cooked up this past week. I had a sweet friend visit me from Niagara with her son and they stayed with us for a couple days...I didn't want to go to crazy with the vegan meals in case they weren't well received so I made up some vegetarian comfort food while they were here. All the recipes below were pretty great!

~ Curry Lentil Loaf (kind of a staple around here when I need to make a veggie loaf)
~ Cheesy Spinach & Quinoa Stuffed Shells.
~ Veggie Cheddar Quinoa Quiche
~ Super Veggie Taco Meat served on lettuce shells. (This is an amazing filler for tacos/on top of salads)

And here's a couple reads you might enjoy...

~ 50 Amazingly helpful kitchen tips
~ Just in time...The Ultimate Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe
~ A Mother's Prayer for her child by Tina Fey {a friend sent me this last week sensing that I needed some comic relief}
~ I love this post by my friend Joy McCarthy on Making Peace w/ Your Food.


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