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Adventures of a Vegan Crockpot

Last night after getting the girls down, I made myself the biggest mug of my current fave tea (Forever Nuts by David's Tea...it's herbal, it's pink & it really tastes like nuts) and cracked open all my vegan cookbooks. We have family joining us for Christmas dinner next week and I'm always up for the opportunity to dazzle company with the deliciousness that is found in a Plant Based Diet.

I hosted our first Vegan Thanksgiving two years ago and really enjoyed those recipes, but I wanted to shake up the main dish this year. Stay tuned as I share what will be gracing our table this year...

With this snowy weather and life just being so darn busy, I have pulled my crockpot out of retirement and put it to good use this past week.

And I'm so glad I did, because one of the very best lasagnas I have ever made came out of this project. I will share it with you, but sadly, I don't have any picture evidence because we gobbled it up before I had the chance. The texture of the pulsed mushrooms & chickpeas made this recipe. I've never made lasagna in the slow cooker before, and I'm sure this recipe would be just as yummy baked in the oven. However you decide to cook it - you must try this!
Some other winners from this week:
~ Quinoa Chickpea Spinach Latcakes with Crockpot Cheezy Broccoli Rice
~ Crockpot Quinoa Chili w/ Naan Bread: This had the perfect texture & was amazing. I think it was the molasses that put it over the top....

~ Crockpot Steel Cut Oats. This has been a nice welcome home after my early morning gym sessions this week. I like the technique of putting the oats in a separate bowl & using the crockpot as the "bath". Less cleanup this way.

All this crockpotting has reminded me that there is much multitasking that needs to happen in order to lead a healthy life. I realize that most of my day revolves around food -either prepping or cleaning up, so anything I can do to shorten that timeframe is awesome. And the other great thing about using the crockpot is that most recipes can be prepared the night before to be started in the morning. One of my key habits in having a great next day is to do as much prep as I can in the 10 min before I go to bed (prep breakfast, set out gym clothes, kids clothes, make list of top 3 things to do the next day...)

Anyway...let me know if you give any of these recipes a try and what you think. And if you have any go to crockpot recipes - please share them in the comments below!

{This recipe has been linked up with Wellness Weekend over at Diet, Dessert n Dogs}
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