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Goodmorning Gym

Oh how I've missed you....
Today was my first day back at the gym after having Emmerson 6 weeks ago. I packed my little gym back last night and set my alarm for 5am, although I knew my little bella would provide enough of an alarm at 430am for her feeding. (Who by the way has gained 4 lbs in 1 month!)
She woke up like clockwork and went right back to sleep after feeding so I could make my great escape.

We've joined a 24 hr Goodlife right near our house and the facility is pretty awesome.
I kept the workout on the easy side so I don't push it too soon. It's funny though how many times it popped into my head to slow things down so I don't harm the baby...which isn't in my belly any more :)

I stepped out 25 min on the stairmill and then did a short back & bi circuit. It was all I needed to be feeling like a new woman. And the (quiet; not rushed) shower afterwards was pretty glorious too.
It just felt so good to sweat again. I didn't even care that I forgot to pack gym socks or that my playlist kind of sucked. I'll be more prepared for tomorrow...
{post workout steel cut oats & coffee}
The best feeling though was coming home to find my sweet little family still fast asleep. This is what it's all about...taking care of me so I can take care of them. This is what I constantly encourage mom friends & clients of mine to do. By just taking this hour for yourself (even if it means getting up at 5am) you will be a much better wife & mother. And that's exactly how I already feel going into this day.

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