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The Ultimate No Bake Nut & Seed Bar

So the highlight of this past week was finally receiving our large Ikea order and putting the bazillion pieces together of the 2 couches that came. I didn't even have to resort to bribery in getting my husband to assemble them - this was the last of the new house "to do's" so I think he found some comfort in that.
I'm not loving all of the off-gassing these babies are doing in the house though. Definitely putting all my green indoor plants to good use ;)

All that work left us a little hungry so I've got some great recipes to share with you this week. And I'll obviously start off with the Game Changing Granola bars I picture teased you with last Sunday.
My adventures in granola bar making have been going on for a good 2 years now...I'm very picky about what I nosh on during my 20 min of tea time in the afternoon. All of you mamas totally get this. It's kind of like wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day.
If you have the time, it's important to soak your nuts & seeds prior to making these bars. This makes them more digestible by breaking down the enzyme inhibitors. Be sure to rinse really well after soaking & pat dry before using.

These bars are honestly so amazing and so easy to make cause you don't have the bake them. I actually like to keep them in the freezer after cutting into individual bars wrapped in foil. Perfect for grabbing on the go!

Some of the other food highlights from last week:
~ Chili Roasted Chickpeas...these were originally planned as taco fillers but they didn't make it that far as they were so great on their own. The healthy girl's version of chipnuts!
~ Buddha Bowls (recipe from one of my fave restaurants - Kindfood in Burlington)

And now onto some healthy reading for your weekend...
~ A very interesting 20 min video on How to Eat to Starve Cancer. It talks about a different approach than Chemotherapy and rather focuses on cutting off the blood supply that feeds cancer.Considering your body is always doing the best with the nutrients (or lack of) that you provide it - I strongly encourage you to give this a watch.
~ I've talked before about the importance of Water Intake. Here's a few more reasons to drink up especially in the winter months.
~ Why keeping your bones healthy isn't just about popping calcium pills.
~ The amazing Matthew Kenney shares the importance of eating clean whole foods and why you should stay away from the McRib. Love this guy!

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