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Getting Vegucated

Tonight we packed the girls up after a delish supper to go see the premier of Vegucated here in London.
I highly recommend you see this movie if it is showing in your area (check the site for city dates/times). 
I thought it was put together really well and in an approachable way. I think it would be the perfect movie for those of you that might be on the fence about giving up animal products. 
I know that I'm fortunate that my husband loves eating a plant based diet and this is something many women struggle with when they are wanting to clean up their own plates. Information like what is presented in this film, make it very difficult for one to continue eating they do. In the film - you follow 3 people who take on the challenge of eating vegan for several weeks and their results. They explore how to shop, prepare & eat vegan food...and the film went down the path that I don't like to see where they showed all the ways one can eat fake meat & soy based veg foods so they don't miss their meat. I myself was guilty of this when I first started eating plant based years ago...and perhaps this is a necessary step in the transition. It's just unfortunate the film didn't talk more about how much you will thrive by choosing plant based, whole food options instead of soy based, fake meat products {not healthy at all} 
And then the group of 3 were exposed to the horrific reality that is factory farming. This is where my health based decision to eat plant-based becomes an ethical one. 
"If slaughter houses were made of glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian" ~ Paul & Linda McCartney
I was nursing Emmerson in the back of the room as the film played. During one particular scene, they showed a baby cow being immediately dragged away from it's mother after birth and the Mama cow chasing after her babe. It really pained me to see this and I was grateful in that moment that we are bringing up our girls to love & respect animals through a compassionate way of eating.
There are many other resources out there on this subject if you're looking to become more informed after seeing this film. The book, Eating Animals, is a great read - I did a post on it a while back capturing some of the great points this book makes.

There are many reasons to consider changing your ways. I love this illustration that a friend shared on my Facebook wall the other day...
And I have to say...our vegan meal tonight of sweet potato noodles {spirulized then sauteed in coco oil & rosemary, lentil meatballs & chili sauce was pretty amazing for doing all of those things above and tasting ahmazing to boot!
So tell me...what's causing you to be on the fence still?

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