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A Peek Inside My Fridge & Caulie Pizza Crusts

Hey ~ feel like taking a little tour through plant-based food land? I thought I'd show you what a day in the life of my pantry & fridge look like...maybe it will inspire some new items on your grocery list this week!

 So - I had many recipe requests for that crazy looking Cauliflower Pizza Crust I showed you in the vid. And I'm not kidding when I say this is amazing and that I'd place bets that caulieflower will be the next thing the grocery stores will be running out of day after day (after kale of course)

~ Kudos to the Detoxinista for the fab tip on wringing out the caulie before baking it

Lastly, I really encourage you to take about 5 min out of your day, grab a cup of rooibos tea and read this open letter from Gabriel Cousens to Dr. Mercola. There are so many amazing points given here for eating a plant based diet, and I think especially those of you that are just finishing up 3 weeks of Cleansing ~ you will relate to many of the points made about a more peaceful life. My favourite paragraph is this:
 "A specific quality of person is drawn toward spiritual life, and hence to spiritual food supporting that lifestyle.  Likewise a specific quality of person is drawn toward mundane secular life, having no major interest in morals, ethics, or spirituality.  Hence, they are drawn to certain foods supporting that particular lifestyle.  What we eat is both the cause and result of our level of consciousness."
Until next time health lover,
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