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Wheat is the Devil

So if you follow Hol:Fit on Facebook, you already know that I've been a bit obsessed lately with Wheat. But not in the "yum this bagel is delicious" way. More in the..."oh look what Big Food has their paws on now".
It's been kind of a funny week....let me back up. For months now, my sweet baby girl has been suffering from eczema...the poor girl hasn't seen her hands in months as I've had to keep them all mittened up.

I've tried many things - coconut & castor oil, baking soda baths & multiple trips to the pediatrician, all of which have helped somewhat but not totally. As I am exclusively breastfeeding her, I realized that a potential issue could also be my diet. While I stay away from dairy for obvious reasons, I eat very clean/whole/nutritious food & drink almost 3L of water a day...I've had to re-look at some of the things I consume daily. I hadn't been taking my probiotics regularly so that was the first thing I added back in as most skin issues are directly connected with our digestive system and this would come through my breastmilk to help build up her good gut flora.

I started coming across a lot of information online about wheat being the problem. Then, I saw the sign (cue awesome 90's music). While working out this week I was listening to a couple of my fave podcasts - Making Love in the Kitchen & Ben Greenfield Fitness. And wouldn't you know that both of them featured an interview with Dr Davis, author of Wheat Belly.

 I find this doctor fascinating and brilliant and really like his holistic approach as a preventive cardiologist.
For me, whenever I make a change to my diet it is usually the result of finding out that someone has been messing with my food. Well, my friends - I'm sorry if this is the first time you're hearing it, but Wheat has kind of turned into the devil.
A few of the facts I have learned so far:

  •  2 slices of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar more than consuming straight up table sugar
  • Back in the 70's, all wheat was genetically altered to a 2 foot high "dwarf" crop
  • With this modified crop, they altered the protein of the wheat to be a powerful appetite stimulant which leads most people to consume an extra 400 calories per day.
  • Wheat's lectin content (wheat germ gluten) is indigestible. When you eat it, it heads to your intestinal tract and has the ability to unlock the protectional barriers and allow foreign objects into your bloodstream. THIS IS WHY WHEAT IS LINKED TO SKIN PROBLEMS SUCH AS ECZEMA.
  • Gluten free products are not any better because manufacturers have replaced the gluten with ingredients that spike blood sugar (different types of starches), making them the worst on the GI scale
  • Sprouted grain/wheat products are no better because at the end of the day, they start of with the same frankenwheat. Like putting lipstick on a pig my friends!
  • We shouldn't embrace something has good (such as whole grains) just because they are less bad.

So when I look at my own personal diet, I begin most days 2 pcs of sprouted toast with nut butter or oatmeal. Lunch is typically soup/salad & a sprouted wrap with beans, hummus etc and then dinner will sometimes include a wheat product such as pasta. I made the decision last night to cut wheat out for 2 weeks and see what kind of impact that has. Keeping in mind that wheat hides in many products (such as soy sauce) so I'm still learning about all of that.
I started off today with kefir coconut yogurt, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat groats & banana. And you know the really cool part? I had a killer workout after and had to force myself to eat a big salad at lunch cause I wasn't even really hungry. This is so not me as my appetite is usually raving all day long with breastfeeding.
We'll see how this goes - as with all aspects of health living, it's all about creating different & healthier habits. My breakfast routine will be the hardest to break but I'm looking forward to seeing the changes and will be sure to update you in a few weeks! How many of you have already given up wheat? I'd love to hear from you and your experience/suggestions!



  1. So, you are cutting out anything wheat??? A friend of mine who runs a TON cut out wheat and his extra belly flattened really fast.

  2. We dont do any wheat, but we do sprouted or sourdough bread, which ive been taught breaks down the gluten where our body recognizes and deals well with it. Hmm.
    Instead of wheat pastas we do brown rice. Also, durum wheat hadnt been genetically modified so couscous is good. That doesnt really help for breakfast!
    Oatmeal, smoothies, egg omelet, fresh fruit...there are some good wheat free and easy options out there!

  3. Wendy7:55 PM

    Hey Ange!  I'm still new to your site so I don't know what all you've got going on here but...have you ever heard of MarksDailyApple.com? It's an amazing website that introduced me to the Primal Lifestyle.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  I know that you are vegan but this site has similar and more information about that Wheaty Devil.  I love bread and pasta and rice and oats so very insanely much that it was hard and still is for me to keep them out of my diet.  But from my own experience I have observed that I am never ravenously hungry, I don't feel like I have a brick in my belly after a meal,  and I rarely crave sweets anymore.  And I was always the one who HAD to have dessert after dinner.  Anyway....that's my two cents.  You're a lady and a scholar and keep up on your quest! Much love from my realm to yours!--Wendy*

  4. Hangingspark1207:55 PM

    Hey Ange! I am still new to your site so I don't know what all you have going on on here and  I know that you are vegan but I was wondering if you have ever heard of the website Marksdailyapple.com?  This is a very informative website that led me on the journey to the Primal Lifestyle.  I'm sure you know a little something about that.  This lifestyle has very similar feelings about wheat and corn.  Our bodies don't have such a good time digesting them and in fact can have adverse effects.  Anywho...ever since I ( a fanatic of pasta, bread, cereal, rice and oats) gave up the wheaty items I have noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in my hunger.  I no longer feel ravenous (ever) and I also no longer crave sweets.  And I was always the one who wanted a second helping of whatever we were having for dessert.  Anyway...my two cents.  Keep on keepin' on!  You're amazing! --<3 Wendy


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