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Adventures in Batch Cooking...at 6am

This sweet little darlin' was up almost every hour last night and was ready to rock at 6am this morning.
Not sure how that math works out but I realized at 6:01am that I might as well join the party...not that I had much of a choice ;)

Not 15 min later she was ready to go back to bed and I was left with some precious time to myself with and the sunrise. Being that I have a hard time sitting still, I got up and assessed the kitchen situation...a dishwasher & fridge that were totally empty. So I dug in....
~ Started off by making 4 cups of quinoa.
~ A batch of fresh Almond & Hemp mylk
~ Looked up recipes in my Plan to Eat database that could use up the lentils & mushrooms I had in my fridge. Decided on these two beauties:
Coconut Curry Lentil Stew over Quinoa

Curry Lentil Quinoa Mushroom Loaf
~ Finished off my adventure by making these babies...which I totally snacked on at 8am with my morning rooibos:
Quinoa Banana Choco Chip Muffins
So the moral of this choose your own adventure (holler if you loved these books growing up), is that although I'm a big fan of setting aside one day a week to do batch cooking & meal prep, you sometimes have to scoop up the moment when it presents itself. I'd like to add one more moral for bonus points and that is to cook like items together. Don't just make up 1 cup of quinoa because chances are you'll put 4 cups of that healthy goodness to work in different recipes!

Your health cheerleader,

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