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UPDATE FEB 2013: I am now offering this program Online/Virtually! CLICK HERE for more info!
Are you ready to take your Health to the next level? Join me for the next 4-week Session of my popular series Eat Clean :: Get Lean where each week we will start off with a Group Workout and then get comfy with post workout smoothies while we discuss the Nutrition Topic for the week.
{See below for how each week is broken down} 
You will learn the fundamentals of creating your Healthiest Life in a sustainable way!

 - Where: In Studio at Rebirth Wellness Centre in London, ON
 - When:  See links above for current dates/times

Program Feedback:

"The EC:GL workshop was incredibly beneficial in kick starting my goal to leading a healthier lifestyle. Having Ange share amazing tips to help you feel better, organize your home and lifestyle to support healthy living was invaluable! It was great to sweat it out the first half the workshop, and then cool down in a safe and relaxed learning environment! Worth EVERY penny and drop of sweat!" ~ Susan B

"I received confirmation, encouragement and guidance in getting myself and family healthy from this workshop! I would recommend it to friends & family who are looking for guidance in a healthy life style! " ~ Dannon L

"Learning about the foods we eat and what is good and bad. This program helped me start a new way of thinking when it comes to cooking, eating and trying to form new habits. " ~Niki P

"Ange packs so much knowledge into her programs and her approach engages and motivates program participants. An inspiring advocate for healthy living!" ~ Kim M

"Ange's example is key to the success of the program. It's one thing to read about what causes optimal health, but it is much more meaningful to see that someone is actually living that way. She is a glowing example of optimal health. She gently, yet effectively, guides you along your path to well-being. " ~ Rebecca D

Click here to book or for more information!
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