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It's Time for an Update Yo

Hey Health Lovers~

I have some cool updates to share with you...the kind that make me all warm & fuzzy as I continue to connect my path with my passion ;)

First off - I had the honour of being a guest on two of my most favourite blogs ever:

~ A Post about Eating Clean Post Pregnancy {Veg Style} on the amazing Tosca Reno's blog. Tosca has been such a source of inspiration to me for several years now and I have/love every single one of her cookbooks!

~ I also posted about my Top 10 Tips to Being a Healthy Mama on my beautiful friend Joy's blog, Joyous Health:

P.S - I included 2 separate {major calorie burning} circuit workouts at the end of each of the posts. Give them a try and let me know how you make out ;)

Next, I just collabbed with Vitahub and I'm excited to share that I have a new shop open!!! I have been purchasing my Superfoods & Supps from them for a while now and can vouch that they have the most amazing customer service & the best prices on all my faves such as: Sunwarrior Protein Powder, Omega 3 Oil, Coconut Oil, Calm Magnesium, Spirulina & Lorna V Iron Supplement {tastes like butterscotch!!} And they offer super fast free shipping for orders over $99

In biz news - I'm just finalizing the details of 2 new programs I'm launching at Rebirth Wellness Centre in July:
~ The first is a 4 week workshop called EAT CLEAN::GET LEAN. I am so excited to offer this ongoing series because it will be THE legit roadmap to Optimal Health!! Each week will begin with a 45 min group bootcamp/circuit training workout followed by a 45 min nutrition seminar. Further details will be posted to my Rebirth Services Page later this week!

~ Secondly - starting in mid July, I will be running a Couch to 5K clinic at Rebirth. It will most likely be Monday nights at 630pm and will run for 10 weeks to prepare you for the Run for the Cure on Sept 30th. Stay tuned!

On that note - I just began training for my second 10K race called Rock the Road here in London. I ran the Sporting Life 10K in Toronto 2 years ago so my goal is to beat my time of 55 min. Let me know if you happen to be running this race so I can add you to my 'cool people in London' list ;)

So that's it for my exciting updates...except for perhaps the most exciting one taking place this Sat in Colorado when my dear brother (that kinda/totally looks like Brad Pitt) is finally getting married!!! So excited to breathe in that fresh mountain air this week and do some long overdue toasting.

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