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Weekly Roundup: New Vid + Recipes

First of all - Happy Canada Day to all my fellow True North Friends!!!  And happy fresh-new-month to the rest of you!!

Thought I'd do a quick roundup to capture some of updates & yummy creations that have come out of my kitch this week!

Firstly, I have a new vid up explaining a little more about my upcoming (and ongoing) workshop EAT CLEAN :: GET LEAN....hoping it will inspire you into a little healthy activity today!

On Facebook this week, I put up a few pictures of recipes/ideas so here they are if you're interested in trying them:

{This recipe seriously rocks - I make them every weekend in some variation}
Recipe #2 rocks just as much because it's also a big time saver in the morning. Gotta love all the work being done for you while you sleep:
Recipe: Overnight Crockpot Quinoa & Buckwheat Porridge
I also mentioned on FB that I pre-make a couple salads at a time each week so they're ready for quick lunches. Here are my tips for doing this:
 - Soak all of your produce in a baking soda/vinegar bath or spray with produce wash. Rinse well & then spin your greens out like craaaazy.
 - Hand tear your greens and they won't brown as easy
 - Set in glass container with a paper towel on top to absorb excess moisture.
 - Stick to tougher toppings like: celery, carrots, broccoli, peppers and chop up tomatoes, onions etc the day you're eating the salad

Make it a great one!

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