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My Top 10 Healthy Picks at Costco

UPDATE: I did a Periscope recording of my most recent Costco haul in Feb 2016. Click the link to watch that and you can watch all of my previous Periscope recordings over on my Katch Channel!

 Okay - so I'm not a superfan of Costco but I have a membership and go every couple months to stock up on about 10 items + the odd kitchen gadget just to make my hubs roll his eyes ;) 
 I like the way Costco has been evolving over the last few years to include more healthy items at a pretty decent price. So I thought I'd put a quick Top Ten together of my picks for the healthiest items they currently have (Note - Costcos tend to vary in different parts of the country)

1.Taste of Nature Granola Bars: Organic & real ingredients. Good for those times when you want a little more texture than a larabar, but still want a simple ingredient list.
 2. Maranatha Almond Butter. The price is the perk for this guy - around $6. Just wish they carried the organic version.
 3. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 40 cal $9.99: Again - pretty decent price as these usually sell for between $3-5 per carton. I like to always have some of these on hand in the pantry but do prefer to make my own when I have time.
 4. Simply Natural Organic Pasta Sauce: There are 3 things I love about this product: Organic is important when buying a tomato product (part of the dirty dozen club), Sugar is NOT in the ingredients and most pasta sauces have a lot and the jars are perfect for resusing. Triple Score!
 5. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: Oh be still my little hemp hearts...do I even need to say why this is on the Top Ten? Amazing that Costco is carrying these sweet little seeds and I think the price was awesome at around $13. 
 6. Oh Mary...you make the most lovely crackers. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free + Organic and about the closest thing to dehydrating your own. These are the most affordable way to buy at around $7 for two bags of cracks
7. Tru Roots Organic Quinoa: Okay quinoa lovers - this is the show stealer. Best price you will ever find on quinoa, and it's organic...AND it's pre rinsed. Because in case you didn't know - you should always rinse your keenwa before cooking to get rid of the saponins (aka nature's soap)
 8. Organic Brown Rice $9.99: Since we've cut wheat out of our diet - I rotate through this rice, quinoa & buckwheat for our sources now. I've been loving this brand...
 9. Tru Roots Sprouted Bean Trio: Sprouted adzuke + mung + lentils + 15 min cooktime = a busy healthy mama's dream. I use this every week in soups, burgs & loaves. 
 10. Last up is the deal of the day: over a kg of whole, raw, unsalted almonds. If they were organic I would have chosen a sparkly font to write this, but at $9.99 a bag - I'll take it.
So there you have it. Hope this helps you navigate those aisles a little easier - cause holy dude - you've got to wear protection when you shop in there. Costco members are nuts.

And once you've stocked your kitchen up with your healthy goodies - hop over to my online classroom and learn how I rock my Meal Prep each week. You can purchase my Webinar & eBook full of resources here - called The Healthy Sustainable Kitchen.

Happy Healthy Bulk Shopping,


  1. Stepbray971:10 AM

    Love this post! Thanks for the tip, can't wait for you next blog post.

  2. Dana Weston8:47 AM

    Ange, are the Taste of Nature granola bars wheat free??  My family has also cut out all wheat from our diets and we feel amazing...and from one former Starbuckian to another, I never thought that I would be able to live without cookies and all that junk we used to snack on in the old days!  I don't miss it one bit and the longer we go without it, the less I even crave it.  I am struggling a bit with some quick snacks, other than nuts, so it would be great if those bars were suitable!  Great post, so happy to see that I have most of those products in my pantry already!!  

  3. gotcha on these! also my fav's! Love the quinoa, hemp hearts, almond butter (we buy the sprouted rice tho)....noticed you buy their maple syrup, how do you like it, I've been skeptical.....


  4. I love the syrup! Obviously a better choice would be something more local but it's a great price! What brand of sprouted rice do you buy?

  5. Hahah...Starbucks ruined us!!! I can hardly go an afternoon without craving a coffee & a sweet!!! Yes - these bars are GF: nuts, seeds, dried fruit & brown rice crisps :)

  6. Andrea5:14 PM

    Great products!  Love their quinoa and almonds!  I bought the Tru Roots Sprouted Bean Trio the other month and have only made a soup and a bean salad.  I would love to try some new recipes that use these beans.  Would you mind sharing your burger and loaf recipes?  Thanks!

  7. Stepbray977:03 PM

    Ange, Do you still drink coffee - either daily or on occassion? It is something I struggle with daily and am trying so hard to stop drinking it. I juice in the morning so I often end up having it before my green juice or after.

  8.  :) agree. we buy the same brand as the quinoa

  9. Shane7:03 PM

    Taste of Nature! Hands down the best taste to healthy ratio bar available to me. Thanks for including this in your list. Well deserved. Also, great post!

  10. Yes - I do several days a week. But I time it to be after I've breastfed and I go for the caffeine (decaf coffee/tea uses tons of chemicals in the process). However - in the case of timing around juicing - I would not have it before/after you juice because this throws your body into an acidic state and dilutes the effect of the juice. Try to have it in the afternoon :)

  11. Aimee Decaigny9:41 AM

    Geez, that could be my kitchen counter post-Costco visit! Happy to say that I already buy all of those things (Silk brand of Almond milk, though) with the exception of the bars - don't usually buy bars but I may check for those next time. 

  12. I LOVE the Almond Breeze Milk, so delicious :-)

  13. Sarah B7:59 AM

    Great post!  I already pick up most of these things but the truRoots stuff is new to me - I will definitely look out for it.

  14. Great list - btw, Costco has nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oil which imho should also be in your top ten


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