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Never Give Up

I was out for a training run this morning - getting the gams ready to run the Rock the Road 10K this Sunday morning. I was listening to the latest Jillian Michaels podcast and the topic was on using feedback constructively and how to not let experiences prevent you from moving forward. And then this image stopped me right in my tracks on the path so I took a moment to think about the beautiful reminder nature was sending me. I was so taken back by the way the this strong powerful tree continued to branch out despite it's environment.
..and when I asked all my facebook & twitter friends I think they hit it right on the head:
 It makes me think of all of us and our personal health goals. We are a community of people looking to live life better...to have Optimal Health. But the road getting there doesn't come easy or overnight. It's simple, healthy habits layered into our day...consistently.
 I teach a Couch to 5K clinic on Monday nights with this awesome group of about 15 women. This week they ran 20 min (almost straight) for the first time...in the rain....some with their babies in strollers. I came home from the run feeling overwhelmed by how proud I am of them. Most of them could only run for 1min just 5 weeks ago. Running is a great metaphor for achieving more in life...striving a little bit more than you did yesterday.

So my message to you today (and from our friend the tree) is to not give up no matter where you're at in your health journey. Just like a muscle, you've got to flex healthy living every day to get stronger and it really does come down to consistent small habits. Keep Going...and if it helps, read this post one more time while holding tree pose ;)

p.s - I announced yesterday on Facebook that I'm excited to soon be offering Live, Online Web Classes! All you will need is a webcam & WIFI. I would really appreciate if you'd weigh in on the class topics I'm thinking about offering by clicking off your faves:
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