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HolFitSpiration {WK 4}: I'm With the Band Workout

Okay health lovers ~ this is the last week of the HolFit:Spiration Series. Hope you've enjoyed the Workouts & Fit Tips! And if you want to get to know all the other ways, I believe, lead to life of Optimal Health, join me for my next session of  Eat Clean :: Get Lean

Let me know how you make out with the workout & tip this week by either posting to the Facebook Wall or hashtagging it up on Twitter using #holfitspiration
Here's this week's Vid: {Click here to subscribe to my Youtube Channel}

WORKOUT: I'm With the Band Workout 
FIT TIP: Purchase a new Kitchen Gadget that's going to set you up for Healthy Success! 

Here's a link to the Blendtec blender I use & lurve...
HolFit:Spiration Recap:
{WK 1}: Treadmill Workout + Reviving Your Music Playlist
{WK 2}: Med Ball Workout + Increasing Your Water Intake
{WK 3}: Park Bench Workout + Buy Yourself Some New Workout Clothes
{WK 4}: Resistance Band Workout + Buy a New Healthy Kitchen Gadget

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P.S ~ I just updated my RECIPES Page up top with all my fave ways to eat Nutritious Plant Based Meals & Snax. Enjoy!
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