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When I'm working with a client, whether 1:1 or in my Eat Clean Get Lean workshop, one of the very first things I tell them is that I am not interested in helping them fit back in their skinny jeans. {a nice perk that does happen though}
I am however very interested in motivating + leading them to connect to that place deep inside that they've been depressing for so long. Because it is there that sustainability lives.
All of us have had or will have game changers in our lifetime. Those moments that shake us up and spring us into action. Sometimes it's short lived and sometimes it's tragic enough to spark lifelong change.
I am fascinated & inspired by the game changing moments. And timing....you've got to trust the timing.
We are all a concoction of our own experiences & attitudes towards them.

I have very clear memories of growing up with the aroma of carrot juice in our home. My father didn't have the happiest upbringing. And that stress combined with a not so great diet & the typical burning-the-candle-at-both-ends Type A charismatic that he was, created a Cancer cocktail that showed up the year I was born. Man, he was a fighter. He lived 10 years longer than the top docs said he would. And as passionate as I am about le juicer, I know this had a lot more to do with his rock solid FAITH than it did with his cleaned up nutrition tactics. Reaction will never be quite as effective as Prevention.

I'm not sure what has put this post on my heart today - I'm just feeling really super blessed for having the opportunity to raise 2 healthy girls with my awesome husband. And that emotion scares me at the same time because I know that my deep rooted passion to share + inspire others to live healthy lives is connected to my own efforts in never giving cancer the opportunity to knock on our door.

As a parent, I think so often of my dad and all the scary thoughts he must've had in those months before he died. At the age of 35.
And while I have always been passionately curious about everything health related, giving birth to our first girl almost 4 years ago, lit the fire in me. I want to be around as long as I can for my little family. And I want to spend my life inspiring others to do the same....to experience the "level 2" of life. And it makes me chuckle sometimes when I think about how deep this passion is for me and how my dream is to be in front of thousands of people...inspiring them into action. Because this is my dad's blood running through me...the man who clenched the pulpit days before he died, to give his last message to the large church that he pastored. {So I guess that makes me a bit of a health evangelist}
And when I was eager about climbing the corporate ladder in my twenties...I knew deep down that I wasn't living my purpose.

It makes me wonder about YOU. Have you had your game changer yet? Or are you super passionate about prevention? I guess my story is a little bit of both.

And more importantly...are you reading this post right now for a reason?
☮ ✚ ❤

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